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Taking the Show on the Road

A few posts ago, I explained how all of the Reference Librarians were being trained on how to use Moodle.  The idea was that we would learn how to create Moodle courses and then we would act as assistant trainers for faculty.  Our first round of training was with the School of Human Services faculty on the Springfield campus and that went really well.  Faculty learned the basics about how to place content into their courses and to customize them and we learned what worked, and more importantly what didn’t work, in the workshops.  We took that knowledge and prepared for the second round of training, which required us to travel to all 10 of the SHS campuses across the country.

I was assigned to Houston and St. Johnsbury and hit the road with Bridget Gunn, our interim Educational Technologist, and Marsha Jones, the Associate Director for Technology Services in October.  The trip to Houston was my first visit to Texas, but we did not have any time for sightseeing.  We ran three, four hour, training sessions in two days and got about three dozen faculty members up and running with their Moodle classrooms.  St. Johnsbury was a little less hectic with only two training sessions and about two dozen faculty members.  Although Houston and St. Johnsbury couldn’t be more different in terms of climate and culture, I was struck by how similar the faculty were in both locations.

For example, we always had a small group of people who claimed that they were computer neophytes and would probably need lots of help.  Another smaller group would be made up of people who had enough technology experience to pick up everything very quickly.  Then there was the third group comprised of the remaining 70-80% of the faculty who had enough technology experience to follow along, but weren’t what you’d call experts.  Regardless of their level of expertise, they were all willing to give it their best effort and to help each other when necessary.  I’ve always said that I would rather teach a group of people who were willing to learn, but didn’t know anything about what I was going to cover than a group of people who refuse to make an effort to learn something new.  I got my wish in Houston and St. Johnsbury and it made the traveling, the hectic schedule, and the inevitable computer glitches that we ran into worthwhile.

Up next, creating a plan to train the non-SHS faculty on the Springfield campus!

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