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Moodle Training

Do you Moodle?  I do or at least I’m starting to learn how.  Moodle is an open source learning management system similar to BlackBoard and my college has just adopted the platform.  The plan is to migrate classes over from our current system into Moodle over the course of several semesters in a staggered fashion.  A handful of classes will be taught using this system this fall, but before that can happen, the faculty members and support staff need to be trained.  So, we’re all taking an intensive 2 week online course in the nuts and bolts required to build an online class.  Then we’ll take another 2 week online course that focuses on online pedagogy.  Once that’s done, we will supposedly be ready to mentor the faculty members teaching this fall.  🙂

I’m not privy to all the planning decisions, but I don’t think that the Reference Librarians were originally supposed to be included in this first round of training.  At some point, however, there was a concern that there would not be enough mentors to work with the faculty, which is when we volunteered/were volunteered by our Director.  I actually think it’s a great idea, because it will give us another opportunity to help faculty embed information literacy objectives into their courses.  I’m not sure they know about that yet, though!

I have actually found the training to be very interesting – especially the sections that deal with online pedagogy.  I still struggle with the process of applying proper pedagogical principles and practices to course content so it’s been a great opportunity to learn from others.  I also think it’s something that we all have to get more comfortable with as time goes on, because I believe that more and more teaching is going to move online.  We’d better be ready for it or we will be left behind.  As for me, I’m moodling along.

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