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PE Technology Fair

What on earth, you ask, do climbing walls and librarianship have in common?  Well, it’s kind of a strange story.  It all started when I asked the Dean of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (I’m the liaison to those departments) if their professional conferences includes a vendor fair of some sort.  This was soon after I had registered for Computers in Libraries and I was thinking about the technology librarians are exposed to at most library conferences.  I know, from my liaison work, that more and more technology is being integrated into PE programs across the country, but I wasn’t sure if our students or even our faculty got exposed to any of it.

The Dean replied that he wasn’t sure, but that he was very interested to hear more about what I had in mind.  After a quick e-mail explaining how library conferences usually include some sort of venue for librarians to learn more about technology, such as the “petting zoos,” he quickly arranged a meeting with the two of us and the appropriate faculty members.  Long story short, they decided to throw a small trial technology fair in the spring semester.

One of the vendors who came was company that sells the TreadWall systems that you see me on in the picture.  Imagine a climbing wall that just keeps on going.  I stayed on for around a minute and a half and was wiped out!  It’s an incredible workout.  In addition to that, we had demos of more well know tech like Wii Fit and I gave demonstrations in what wikis are and how PE teachers might use them.  All in all, it was a huge success and the PE faculty hope to have another vendor fair in the fall.

Before I wrap up, I should point out that I wasn’t responsible for organizing the fair itself.  One of our faculty members, Kathy Mangano, did all the legwork necessary to make it happen.  We all joked, however, that I was the one “responsible” for giving her more work to do with my question about technology at PE conferences.  You never know where an innocent question will take you!

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