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Success at FitFest

Here I am showing our research guides to one of our students at Fit Fest 2009.  We met a lot of students who were familiar with the library and our resources, but we met even more who were not.  We’re hoping to hear back from them again soon!

At Springfield College, our mission is to educate people “in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to humanity.”  That philosophy was in full force at this year’s Fit Fest.  Fit Fest is an annual exhibition that focuses on how individuals can achieve personal wellness.  Visitors could choose from more then 2 dozens exhibits and activities such as blood glucose testing, alcohol education, advice for setting up a home gym, kidney disease screening, and a demonstration of gluten free foods.  All of these topics were chosen because they addressed this year’s theme – “Healthy Living, Healthy People, Healthy Pride” – which was based on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Healthy People 2010 campaign.

Understanding how to find reliable health related information is, of course, a key component to personal wellness.  That’s why the Reference Librarians from Babson Library were there at Fit Fest in full force.  Visitors to our booth had a chance to take a quick quiz to test their web searching savvy and to talk with the Reference Librarians about what health related resources the library provides.  We also got a chance just to connect with students and explain to them just what the library can do for them.  Some were surprised to hear what we had to offer, but we were also pleased to hear others say that they use the library a lot or that a librarian had visited one of their classes.

Maybe it was because of our great booth.  Maybe it was because we were placed between the Wii demonstration and the alcohol awareness booth (where visitors got to put on “beer goggles” to test their ability to do certain tasks while “impaired” – I didn’t do so well!) Whatever the reason, we had a great turnout and talked to a lot of students, faculty, and staff that we might not have reached otherwise.  Fit Fest 2009 was an unqualified success and we’re looking forward to 2010.  See you there!

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