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2nd Annual GSLIS Tech Summit

Stephanie Brown gives an overview of the presentations for the GSLIS Tech Summit.  Ten people from school, public, and academic libraries gave quick demos of their favorite online apps.

On December 13th, I participated in the 2nd Annual GSLIS Tech Summit, sponsored by the Simmons Graduate School of Library Science.  Spearheaded by Stephanie Brown, the Tech Summit is an opportunity for current and former GSLIS students, staff, and faculty members to catch up with each other and to present their favorite online apps.  This year, there were school librarians who talked about building information literacy skills in their students; public librarians who showed how they reach out to teens; and academic librarians/GSLIS faculty who focused on pushing out information and connecting with patrons.

I demonstrated a wonderful new tool that I found called Sprout Builder.  Using a drag and drop interface, Sprout Builder allows you to build Flash based widgets that you can then embed in other web pages.  In other words, it works very much like YouTube and other sites that give you the embed code that you can paste into your web site.  Not every information source gives you that embed code, however, which is where Sprout Builder comes in.  With it, you can generate your own code and create attractive widgets for your patrons.  It’s like a dream come true!

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