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PVAAL Spring Meeting 2008

Rebecca Henning presents the treasurer’s report at the PVAAL Spring meeting on March 27, 2008.

On March 27, 2008 the members of PVAAL (Pioneer Valley Association of Academic Librarians) gathered for their spring business meeting at Mount Holyoke College.  PVAAL provides academic librarians in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts with a vehicle to discuss work related issues and, more importantly, an opportunity to connect with one another.  Although we discuss “serious” subjects such as information literacy and collection development, we also enjoy laughing and joking with one another over the unique situations we all experience from time to time as well.

The highlight of our meeting was a presentation by Stephanie Brown, who is currently an Electronic Resource Librarian at UConn.  The title of Stephanie’s talk was “The Adjunct Life and Other LISExtra-curricular Activities” and in it she talked about her role as an adjunct faculty member at the Simmons Graduate School of Library Science.  Specifically, she talked about what motivated her to step into the classroom and the tremendous satisfaction she gets from watching her students graduate and become active members of the profession.  She also talked about her role as an author, both in print publications, such as Library Journal, and on the web, such as her recent contributions to the ACRLog.  This generated quite a bit of discussion among the members about technology in general and the different ways that librarians keep up to date on technology.  One important point was that no one can keep up with everything and that we should be selective in what we spend our time following.  Oh, we need to be flexible too!

The next meeting for PVAAL is sometime in the Fall of 2008.  As president, I will be responsible for planning the event and heard plenty of suggestions for possible programs.  One strong possibility is a round table of library directors from the area.  We have several new, or fairly new, directors and many members felt that it would be useful to hear what their plans are for their institutions and to talk about how we can work together to enhance services.  Whatever the final program turns out to be, I will be looking forward to our fall gathering and for the next chance to catch up with my colleagues.

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